When Samantha and I first spoke about launching our business concept, which was developed at a business program in the summer of 2019, everyone thought we were crazy. The idea of attempting to solve the environmental enigma of micro-plastic pollution seemed like an impossible task for many, let alone a few high school students. With this in mind, we were determined to find ...a solution to this growing problem.

In America, close to 60% of all retail clothing contains some form of polyester. Polyester or polyethylene terephthalate is responsible for the majority of the micro-plastic and nano-plastic fibers that are reported in our water every year. Over hundreds of years, the use of plastic has evolved from long term storage solutions to single-use plastics which contaminate our oceans with billions of plastic particles that injure our marine ecosystem.

Plastic floating in the ocean for many seems innocent but when we look at the issue at a microscopic level, it is much more than just another bottle floating in the ocean. The ocean and its photosynthetic microbes account for 40% - 60% of our oxygen today. Every other breath you take comes from the ocean. With the increasing concentration of micro-plastic and nano-plastic particles around the world, we have seen more and more studies suggesting that the environmental impact of such plastics could limit the growth of the very microbes that produce oxygen for us to breathe.

In August of 2019, we discovered the use of bamboo lyocell in bamboo-cotton clothing and refined it to what we call our signature (bamboo cotton fabric name) today. (Name) is a special blend of bamboo and cotton, which conserves water, utilizes only natural materials during production, amongst the countless other features of (name). From here, we developed our first product, the leif Classic T-Shirt.

Soon following our first prototype, in September of 2019, we founded ReThred Apparel LLC along with 4 other high school students with one purpose in mind, to reduce and raise awareness for micro-plastic pollution. We pride ourselves on using plastic-free processes to manufacture our products. From the composition of our fabric to the tags on our products, all plastic-free.

We, as young environmentalists, realize that it is our responsibility to preserve and resurrect our micro-plastic plagued oceans. Our mission is to make a positive impact in this world, one shirt at a time.

Andrew Li

Chief Executive Officer

Samantha Liu

Chief Operating Officer

Darian Li

Chief Product Officer

Ayan Nath

Chief Financial Officer

Julia Choi

Chief Marketing Officer

Justin Jun

Chief Creative Officer

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