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Our Story

We met at Berkeley’s Business Academy for Youth in the summer of 2019. As aspiring entrepreneurs and environmental activists, we decided that we wanted to use our experience and learnings in entrepreneurship to address the issues that plague our generation. 

However, in founding leif, we realized that our talents alone would not be able to bring our ideas from paper to reality. Thus, we branched out from our original group of six founders and sought specialized student talent in other fields.

 From the inception of leif to our final sample and production run, we’ve expanded to a close knit team of eleven people. From management to graphic design, each of our members brings a special skill to the table. By playing off each of our strengths, we’ve been able to achieve a product that we’re all proud of. We hope that our combined visions and efforts will create a real impact on the issues we want to address, and we hope that our dedication and values carry over to the products we make.

How We're Addressing the Problem

We’re addressing sustainability in three ways: eliminating microplastic shedding, sourcing renewable and/or organic materials, and creating long lasting garments to combat fast fashion. To learn more about our commitments, click here.

Our Team

Andrew Li

Chief Executive Officer

Senior at Oakland High School
Oakland, CA

Samantha Liu

Chief Operating Officer

Junior at Gunn High School
Palo Alto, CA

Ayan Nath

Chief Financial Officer

Junior at The Harker School
San Jose, CA

Julia Choi

Chief Marketing Officer

Junior at Leland High School
San Jose, CA

Justin Jun

Chief Creative Officer

Junior at KIS Jeju
Jeju, South Korea

Darian Liu

Chief Product Officer

Senior at Mountain View High
Mountain View, CA

Austin Xiang

Chief Technology Officer

Junior at Palo Alto High School
Palo Alto, CA

Katherine Cui

Chief Business Dev. Officer

Junior at Lynbrook High School
San Jose, CA

Jack Nelson

Chief Sales Executive

Senior at Friends Seminary
Manhattan, NY

Esha Perala

Marketing Director

Junior at Dougherty Valley High
San Ramon, CA

Sasvath Ramachandran

IT Director

Junior at The Harker School
San Jose, CA

Tom Choi

Creative Director

Junior at KIS Jeju
Jeju, South Korea

Jessica Shiflett

Project Manager

Senior at Camarillo High School
Camarillo, CA

Junqi Feng

Managing Director of China

Senior at YK Pao School
Shanghai, China

Amy Tran

Marketing Strategist

Sophomore at Oakland Technical High School
Oakland, CA


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