Amy Tran

Position: Marketing Strategist
Joined: Sept. 2019
Email: [email protected]

Favorite Quote

“If you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to do something about it.” – John Lewis


Amy is the Marketing Strategist at ReThred Apparel. She focuses on using consumer data to provide a personalized and quality experience for all customers. Since our inception as a startup, She has made clear and commutative data visualizations that made a large impact on how ReThred is marketed to our consumers.


Amy, born and raised in Oakland, is currently a sophomore at Oakland Technical High School in the Computer Academy and Paideia Program. She is also a concurrent student at the Peralta Community Colleges studying Mathematics. She is interested in using big data and analytics to find solutions to global issues such as climate change. Her interest in data science started at the Big Data at Berkeley program at the University of California, Berkeley. At the Big Data program, she learned Python fundamentals, data visualization techniques, and various machine learning models. She then furthered her skills at the LanLearning Data Science InspireCamp, developing and designing the curriculum and making LinkedIn and YouTube graphics. Additionally, she has interests in public policy regarding Gentrification and Environmental Justice. She developed advocacy, public speaking, and research skills at Youth and Government, where she was a Legislative Analyst and the chaplain of the Oakland Delegation. In her free time, she enjoys debating about politics, playing badminton, and learning about personal finance.


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