Austin Xiang

Position: Chief Technology Officer
Joined: Sept. 2019
Email: [email protected]

Favorite Quote

“Feels great, baby.” – Jimmy Garoppolo


Austin is the Chief Information Officer at ReThred Apparel. He specializes in UI/UX design and technical solutions. Since 2019, He has led multiple initiatives within the organization including UX improvement, technical automation processes, and much more. He provides customers an unparalleled experience on all of our sites. He also typically works across multiple departments to ensure that all the technical needs of the company are met to ensure execution and efficiency of company operations are always 110%.


Austin, currently a junior at Palo Alto High School, was born in San Jose, CA. In school, Austin serves as the Science and Technology Editor for Palo Alto High School’s newspaper, The Campanile. He also founded the Economics Club at his school, where he teaches economics to club members and participates in various competitions. Austin is extremely passionate about environmental justice and hopes to address the problem of environmental degradation through ReThred Apparel. He also participates in a robotics team with his friends and debates in his school’s Model United Nations Club. Outside of school, Austin enjoys rooting for the San Francisco Giants, 49ers, Golden State Warriors, and listening to music. You can also find him drinking boba tea or complaining about his fantasy football team.


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