Ayan Nath

Position: Chief Financial Officer
Joined: Sept. 2019
Email: [email protected]

Favorite Quote

“HI SISTERS! ITS CHECKUP DAY” – Jessica Shiflett


Ayan Nath is the Chief Financial Officer and a co-founder of ReThred Apparel. Ayan specializes in information technology and finance, reconciling every transaction that the company makes. At the end of every month, Ayan creates a report for that month, as well as a budget for the next month which allows him to continue to keep ReThred on budget, on-time, and in accordance with regulators. Ayan’s educational background in economics and math makes him a great fit not only for a Chief Financial Officer but also for an all around superstar when it comes to decisions to be made by the owners.


Ayan Goswami Nath is currently a Junior at Harker High School in San Jose, where he enjoys studying economics and math. As a captain of the debate team, Ayan enjoys applying economics and math to real world issues, while also debating the effects of climate change, a cause for his interest in eco friendly clothing. Ayan met his fellow co-founders at Berkeley Business Academy for Youth at the Haas School of Business in Berkeley, California, where he also earned third place for his business idea. Outside of the classroom, Ayan is serving his second term on the Student Council, where he creates Music Videos for his classmates to convey meaningful messages to bridge the gap between the administration and the student body. Over quarantine, Ayan used the skills that he learned while producing music videos for Student Council to release an album of his own, in which he composed, produced, and mixed all of the songs, accumulating over 40 thousand streams. When he is not doing any of these things, you can find him playing basketball, reading Harry Potter, or playing with his two cats.


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