Darian Liu

Position: Chief Product Officer
Joined: Sept. 2019
Email: [email protected]

Favorite Quote

“Wear leif” — Darian Liu


Darian is the president, chief product officer, and co-founder of ReThred Apparel. Darian leads interdepartmental organization and product development. He works with every department to communicate his creative vision, ensuring that everything that happens within the company follows the same standard of precision, reflecting our values and creative ethos. He also heads the company’s sustainability efforts by designing products that leave as little of an environmental impact as possible. His original research regarding the fashion industry’s impacts on the environment and educational background in business guides ReThred, inspiring sustainable action within and outside the company.


Darian is a high school senior at Mountain View High School. Recently, he conducted a study and authored a research paper regarding the fashion industry’s impacts on the environment under the guidance of a Williams College environmental science professor. Outside of the classroom, Darian loves taking on projects of his own, including spontaneous art and music projects. Some of his biggest creative inspirations are Jacob Collier, an English musician, and Matthew M. Williams, the creative director of 1017 ALYX 9SM. In his free time, Darian also enjoys running, trying new foods, and collecting sneakers. Some of his favorite pairs in his collection are Union x Jordan 1s and Acronym Air Prestos.


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