Katherine Cui

Position: Chief Business Developement Officer
Joined: Sept. 2019
Email: [email protected]

Favorite Quote

“per aspera ad astra”


Katherine is the Business Development Director at ReThred Apparel. She focuses on evaluating various trends and performing compilation tasks. Through her time at Rethred, she has looked at distributions in geography and performance and has worked with other developmental tasks. She works all around the company to ensure all interests are aligned between all departments. From performing data analysis to overseeing business growth, she has provided vital business insights internally and externally.


Katherine is a current junior at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, California. Her interest in business stemmed from various business applications in middle school with parliamentary procedure and limited finance. At present, Katherine continues to pursue her passion with business through the implementation of business practices into community service along with study of personal finance. So far, she has served two community organizations with the utilization of business practices to assist in their missions and operations. Katherine joined ReThred Apparel nearly a year ago for its inspiring mission in addressing microplastic pollution. She hopes to be able to contribute to it’s meaningful message regarding conservation. Aside from business, Katherine enjoys creating various art pieces (especially oil paint!), working with young kids, and drinking and eating anything coffee related.


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