Sasvath Ramachandran

Position: IT Director
Joined: Sept. 2019
Email: [email protected]

Favorite Quote

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.” – Andrew Li


Sasvath is the Director of IT and joined ReThred Apparel in June of 2020. He works on creating the infrastructure for data integration, siphoning information from multiple sources, applying filters for relevant details, and merging it back together. Additionally, he also works on the back-end development of the website, email, online finance management, and more. He also assists in other company projects as needed, working with Chief Technology Officer Austin Xiang for technology specific assistance and company-wide promotion efforts. With a background in multiple computer science languages, data structures, and neural networks, he is able to incorporate various computer science experiences in helping manage the company’s back-end software.


Sasvath, born and raised in San Jose, is currently a junior at Harker High School, where he enjoys studying physics, math, and computer science. Besides in-class activities, Sasvath enjoys pursuing science research in microbiology, most recently completing a two-year long experiment investigating tardigrade (super cool, search them up!) reproductive capability under UVA radiation. Additionally, he enjoys learning personal finance, accounting, and business concepts, which help him prepare for his DECA competitions. He extends the skills he learns in customer relations and networking to help recruit speakers, booths, and mentors to his school’s annual TEDxHarkerSchool event as their Director of PR. During his free time, Sasvath enjoys playing for Harker’s Varsity Soccer team, in which he hopes to help defend last year’s CCS championship. When not watching his favorite soccer teams, FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich, he can likely be found swimming, playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate, or drawing pencil sketches of Brad Pitt.


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