Tom Choi

Position: Creative Director
Joined: Sept. 2019
Email: [email protected]

Favorite Quote

“Experience is all you need for living life” – Tom Choi


Tom is the Creative Director at ReThred Apparel. He focuses on a wide range of creative projects ranging from website design to content creation. Tom on a day to day basis works with marketing and IT often to collaborate on cross departmental projects. One of the larger projects that Tom oversees is the seasonal website design rotation. He currently oversees all the design aspects for that and consults IT to ensure a smooth workflow. He also does video production projects like the shareholders introduction video and the behind the scenes IGTV posts.


Tom, born and raised in South Korea, is currently a junior at Korea International School Jeju Campus. Outside of the classroom, Tom is full of curiosity which led him to experience various subjects such as computer science, astronomy, quantum mechanics, psychology, and graphic design. To apply his skills from diverse environments, he is currently working at Rethred Apparel LLC, Amnesty International, PPJ (local public media), and National Honors Society. He especially utilizes his IT-related skills to support those communities; he builds websites, edits several videos, designs logos, and organizes any online works. Moreover, he serves as manager in various clubs to determine his leadership among community members. He is also an avid volleyball player who is currently playing in the varsity volleyball team. In his free time, he often enjoys playing launchpad (midi-instrument), goes to walk alone at dawn, or explores novel subjects that he never experienced before.


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