Our Mission
Setting the standard for what it means to be a clothing company

We founded leif first and foremost to address the fashion industry’s impact on our environment. As current high schoolers, we realize the choices we make now will determine the condition of our earth in the future. But we also realize that simply telling people to boycott fast fashion companies because their clothes and practices are harmful for the environment won’t work. We founded leif for one simple reason: to challenge the status quo of the fashion industry and redefine what it means to be sustainable. Simply telling larger companies to “do better” is far too ineffective. What results is usually widely publicized greenwashing, funded by large advertising budgets and backed by a marked absence of real initiative. But if a small brand with a small budget were to make a genuine effort toward sustainability, and be successful enough to disrupt the market, it would raise the bar for larger companies. If we can hold these large companies accountable for their impacts, we can create real, measurable change. And that is our mission at leif. We’re not just another “sustainable fashion brand”. We’re setting the standard for what it means to be a clothing company. Because sustainability should not be a selling point. It should be the point to which companies are held accountable to — a basic requirement. 

Our Core Values


The environment is a finite resource; through our sustainable product offerings, we plan to ultimately reduce the waste & pollution that we partake in. We are developing ways to ensure that each part of our production and distribution are as environmentally friendly as possible.


We value creativity and innovation: through our creative applications of existing technologies and innovative designs, we are able to provide high quality products that change and challenge the way sustainability and environmentally friendly products are viewed today.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We value community building and engagement in sustainability and environmental policy. We realize that protecting the environment requires community help, and we are actively planning to involve the international community to reach our goal to reduce waste and pollution.

Customer Experience

We value our customer’s experience and will always do our best to meet the highest of standards to put an unparalleled experience for our customers. We spend time to ensure that we use the best materials available and guarantee customer satisfaction.


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